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Pride and Prejudice
Costume seen on Anna Chandellor as Caroline Bingley
Vanity Fair
Costume seen on Ann Dobbin, played by Vicki Pepperdine
Costume seen on an extra
Costume seen on Julia Davis as Elizabeth Elliot
Little Dorrit
Costume seen on Emma Pierson as Fanny Dorrit
Little Dorrit
Costume seen on Emma Pierson as Fanny Dorrit

This lovely gown and Spencer was likely made for the BBC's magnificent Pride and Prejudice. It has been seen several times since then on made for television versions of Vanity Fair, Byron and Persuasion.

In Vanity Fair, we actually are able to glimpse what the gown looks like without the green velvet spencer.

Shrewsbury Lasses noted that it is interesting to see that this gown has a flounce on the bottom which is, like the sleeves, cut on the bias so the stripes are diagonal. (Cutting on the bias wasn't in use yet during the Regency period)  The flounce must have been removed when Julia Davis wore it in Persuasion 2007.

The spencer itself seems to have been removed from the gown and put to use in Little Dorrit. It is paired with a different gown, and also seems to have had some trim added. The dress is used in the film on the same character, but it also seems to have been altered - the bottom flounce having been utilized to make an entirely new bodice. The fabric that once comprised of the bodice seems to have been moved down to the bottom of the skirt.




Costume Credit
Shrewsbury Lasses
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