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Vanity Fair
Costume seen on Natasha Little As Becky Sharp
Costume seen on Georgia King as Lady Amelia Heartwright
Death Comes to Pemberly
Costume seen on Jenna Louise Coleman as Lydia Wickham
Costume seen on Jenna Louise Coleman as Queen Victoria

This heavily embroidered Regency era costume is a lovely example of a redingote - or quite literally “riding coat.”  The redingote came into fashion in the 18th century, starting out as merely a functional piece of clothing, but eventually evolved into a much more fashionable piece of a woman’s wardrobe.  To see an excellent diagram that illustrates how the silhouette of the redingote changed throughout the early eighteenth century to the late nineteenth century, go here.

This particular redingote was first seen in Vanity Fair in 1998 on Natasha Little as Becky Sharp.  It was used again on Georgia King as Lady Amelia Heartwright in the 2013 film Austenland.  It was seen a third time in 2013 on Jenna Louise Coleman as Lydia Bennet in the BBC mini series Death Comes to Pemberley.  It is here that we are truly able to see the great amount of detail and embroidery that has gone into this costume, not only on the front, but on the back as well. Jenna Louise Coleman wore the piece again most recently while portraying Queen Victoria in the 2016 production Victoria.

Costume Credit
Shrewsbury Lasses
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