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Anne of the Thousand Days
Costume seen on Genvieve Bujold as Anne Boleyn
Cry of the Banshee
Costume seen on Essy Persson as Lady Patricia Whitman
Carry On Henry
Costume seen on Barbara Windsor as Bettina
Henry VIII
Costume seen on Emily Blunt at Katherine Howard
Katharine, The Virgin Widow
2006 re-issue of 1961 novel
Costume seen on the cover of a novel by Jean Plaidy
The Sixth Wife
Costume seen on the cover of a Suzannah Dunn Novel
The Queen of Subtleties
Costume seen on the cover of a Susannah Dunn Novel
Queen of Silks
Costume seen on the book cover of a Vanora Bennett Novel

The Dark Rose
Costume seen on a 2010 re-issue of a 1981 Cynthia Harrod Eagles Novel
The second edition of The Sixth Wife, released later that same year, features the same image of the dress, but the cover is slightly different.



This beautiful gown was made for the production Anne of the Thousand Days and was created by costume designer Margaret Furse, whose designs for the film won an Oscar for Best Costume Design in 1970. The gown was used again in the Vincent Price B Horror film Cry of the Banshee. From there it went on to be used in Carry On Henry, though trim was added onto the front of the bodice and around the waist. In 2003, the gown appeared again in Henry VIII, though by that time it was in very poor condition. From there it has been used in at least one photo shoot, in which various photos of the gown have been used for the cover of no less than five novels.

Costume Credit
Katie S.


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