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Elizabeth R
Costume seen on Glenda Jackson as Queen Elizabeth I
The Famous History of the Life of King Henry the Eighth
Costume seen on Barbara Kellerman as Anne Boleyn
The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Costume seen on Julia Marsen as Anne Boleyn
Henry VIII
Costume seen on an uncredited actress as Lady Bryan
Days That Shook the World: Affairs of the Crown
Costume seen on Jo Martell as Anne Boleyn
Elizabeth and the Prince of Spain
2008 re-issue of a 1953 novel
Costume seen on the cover of a Margaret Irwin novel


This extraordinary white gown was created for the BBC's fantastic mini series Elizabeth R. Elizabeth Waller's stunning costume creations went on to win an Emmy for best costume design.

The gown has been seen many times since its first appearance. It was used again for the BBC's presentation of Shakespeare's The Famous History of King Henry the Eigth, though decorative braiding seems to have been added in order to give it a different look.

It was used once again in David Starkey's documentary on The Six Wives of Henry VIII, where it stillremains unchanged and still in good condition. The gown makes its fourth appearance only very briefly in the BBC's Henry VIII, but the partlet is not used.

The dress made its fifth appearance in the television show Days That Shook the World, in an episode entitled Affiars of the Crown, which documented in detail the execution of Anne Boleyn.

This gown recently went up for sale at Bonhams, and is described as "An Elizabethan 'Spanish Farthingale' style gown, of gold coloured brocade, comprising: a gown and sleeves, heavily embroidered with gold thread, the full length sleeves with ermine type fur to large cuffs, the boned bodice with laced back and v-neck edged with gold braid; a skirt, of corresponding fabric, with roll pads to hips, with matching removable shoulder and collar jacket." It is expected to sell for £400 - 600.

To go to the auction page where this beautiful gown is listed, go here I've also saved a screenshot of the page for future reference here.

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Katie S.
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