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Crossed Swords
Costume seen on Felicity Dean as Lady Jane Grey
God's Outlaw
Costume seen on Oona Kirsch as Anne Boleyn
The Queen's Command
Costume seen on the cover of a Maggie Osborne novel
The Other Boleyn Girl
Costume seen on the cover of a Phillipa Gregory novel
Mary, Bloody Mary
2003 re-issue of 1999 novel
Costume seen on the cover of a novel by Carolyn Meyer
Henry VIII
Costume seen on Emilia Fox as Jane Seymour
The Tudors
Costume seen on an uncredited extra as a courtier
The Sisters Who Would Be Queen
Costume seen on a book cover by Leanda De Lisle

The same gown and same photo from the previous edition of the novel, were seen again in 2004 on a re-print of The Other Boleyn Girl


This pretty little gown has quite a long history! While many costumes from Crossed Swords were recycled from earlier productions such as Anne of the Thousand Days, the costumes of the main characters were designed by Judy Moorcroft. This lovely lavender gown was created for use on the Lady Jane Grey. The next time it was seen, it was much altered, having a decorative front piece added, and gold trim added to the edges of the sleeves. From there it went on to be almost unchanged, though obviously deteriorated and not used with the proper undergarments in Henry VIII, The Tudors, and even on several book covers, the last use of which photoshopped the dress to appear as if it were a different colour.
Costume Credit
Katie S.
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