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Elizabeth R
Costume seen on Glenda Jackson as Queen Elizabeth I
Elizabeth: The Acclaimed Saga of England's Virgin Queen
Costume seen on Karen Archer as Queen Elizabeth I
LKXA Youth Bank
Costume seen on a model for a Youth Bank ad
The Armada Portrait
by George Gower

The full ad from LKXA Youth Bank

This stunning gown was originally created by Elizabeth Waller for the BBC production, Elizabeth R. The gown was based off of a real gown worn by Queen Elizabeth I when she posed for what is known as the Armada Portrait, which was likely painted by George Gower in 1588 (click the photo for a larger image of the portrait). The costume was used again for David Starkey's documentary on Elizabeth almost thirty years later, though it was altered slightly. The gown was used again in an advertisement for LKXA Youth Bank in 2008. This ad is interesting, becuase it allows us to see a much more detailed view of the skirt, which up until now had not been shown in its full spendor on film. However, it is clear that alterations have been made to the gown, and much of it has been very heavily photoshopped.
Costume Credit
Katie S.
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