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Young Bess
Costume seen on Rex Thompson as Edward VI
Costume seen on Ronald Anton as Francis

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This costume is unique for several reasons. Firstly, it is a find from an older film. Secondly, it is a costume for a child. Lastly, it is a male costume. Female costumes are usually much easier to spot, being more distictive, so this lovely costume is a very nice little find.

Famous costume designer for MGM, Walter Plunkett (who designed the costumes for Gone With the Wind) was called upon to design Tudor inspired costumes for the film Young Bess. This blue ensemble, complete with slashed doublet and breeches was designed by Plunkett in 1953 for Rex Thompson as Edward VI. In 1956, when Plunkett designed the costumes for the film Diane, he reused some of his designs, including this one, which went on to be worn by Ronald Anton as Francis.

The costume seems to at one point gone into the stock at Western Costume Company, as it bears a Western Costume Co. label. The costume has faded over the years. It was sold at auction in 2011 for $850. To learn more about this costume, as well as see more photos, visit this site.

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Katie S.
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