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The Tudors:His Majesty, The King
Costume seen on Gabrielle Anwar as Princess Margare
The Tudors: Checkmate
Costume seen on Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn
The Goes Wrong Show
Costume seen on Bryony Corrigan as Vanessa

This costume is a bit of a puzzle. It appeared in the 2007 first season episode of The Tudors entitled His Majesty, The King, where it was worn on Gabrielle Anwar as Princess Margaret. The costume seems to appear again in 2008 the second season episode Checkmate, where it was worn by Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn. 

But is it really the same costume? With the distinctive detailing around the collar, it certainly appears to be. The ermine collar seems to be a sort of cape that may have been removed, along with some of the gold detailing on the front of the bodice.  If they are not the same exact costume, then they were certainly either made at the same time, or one was made as duplicate gown and heavily redone. 

The costume appears a third time - this time with a line of pearls added, along with fur around the sleeves - on Bryony Corrigan as Vanessa in the 2021 second season of The Goes Wrong Show in the episode The Most Lamentable. 

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