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Costume seen on Kate Winslet as Rose DeWit Bukater
Tuck Everlasting
Costume seen on Alexis Bledel as Winifred Foster
"Sinking Coat" costume sketch

This lovely coat has a very interesting history. It was designed by costume designer Deborah Lynn Scott for James Cameron's blockbuster film, Titanic. Her designs went on to win an academy award for best costume design. Several versions of what has gone on to be called the "Sink Coat" were made, due to shooting in water tanks and therefore needing several copies that could remain dry for continuity purposes.

The coat, interestingly enough, is about a size 8 or 10, while the rest of Kate Winslet's costumes for the film were a size 4. This was to make Kate's character look bogged down and vulnerable during the sinking scenes.

One of the coats was placed on exhibition

for a short time, and then the J.Peterman company seems to have purchased a large number of costumes from the production in order to create a line of reproductions. Several of the authentic garmets were then sold to private collectors.

It is said that 20th Century Fox has the remainder of the costumes from the film, including one of several of the Sink Coats that were originally made. This is the copy that appears to have been used in 2002 for Tuck Everlasting. The basic coat remains unchanged in the film, aside from the fact that one row of buttons has been removed so that the coat front overlaps and closes on the left side rather than the buttons meeting in the middle. This was likely done simply to give the coat a different look.

Photos of this coat on tour can be seen here, and a wonderful page with pictures and information made by someone who actually owns one of the original Sinking Coats can be found here


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