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Presence of Mind
Costume seen on Sadie Frost as The Governess
North and South
Costume seen on Jo Joyner as Fanny Thornton
Costume seen on Emma Fielding as Miss Galindo
Horrible Histories
Costume seen on Sarah Hadland

Anna wrote in a fascinating fact about this particular recycled costume. "If not done for north and south at least very carfully chosen: it is dyed in dark mauve, an industrial aniline dye that was just developed or discovered by William Henry Perkin in 1856 (so actually it's a little goof in the N&S series that is settled in 1851 due to Prince Albert's Great Exhibition). Some scenes before Fanny is seen wearing the dress, Boucher drowns himself in the sewage canal of the dying mill, his face beeing all mauve when he is found. This shows in a very subtle way, how Fannys comfortable life is based on the distress of the working classes, and how she, other than her brother and probably mother is completly ignorant of that truth." Thanks Anna!

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