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Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
Costume seen on Ingrid Bergman as Ivy Peterson
Costume seen on Angela Lansbury as Nancy


Costume seen on an extra

Photo © Debbie Reynold's Studio Store

This very pretty striped Victorian walking outfit is special because of the fact that it was worn by two Hollywood greats. Often times a costume appears a second time on an extra, but the fact that this gown was seen on two great stars makes it a very vaulable piece.

It was first created for Ingrid Bergman in Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde. The ensemble was designed by the famed MGM designer Adrian.

Several years later, under the supervision of costume designer Irene, the outfit underwent some minor adjustments, such as the adding of gray fabric to the collar and the back of the skirt. It is finally seen in colour, though very breifly, in Showboat.

This costume is one of the many pieces purchased by Debbie Reynolds at the MGM auction in 1970. When her collection went up for sale in 2011, this costume was among those items up for auction. Unfortunately, this is one of the few items that did not sell, and is currently still available at Debbie Reynold's online store.

To see more photos of this beautiful costume, and to leanr more, please visit Debbie Reynold's costume page here.


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