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Costume seen on Haley Mills as Pollyanna
Summer Magic
Costume seen on an extra

Walter Plunkett designed this brown plaid costume for Hayley Mills in Disney's 1960 production of Pollyanna. It is used in just one scene— the first scene Mills shot for the film. In the bonus features Mills says that all of her costumes were designed specifically for her. Plunkett's original sketch also appears, briefly, in a small, low-def image in the DVD bonus features. 

Three years later, Disney released Summer Magic in 1963, also starring Hayley Mills. The brown plaid briefly makes another appearance, this time on actress Wendy Turner as Lallie Joy Popham. It appears in only one scene and is seen only from the back except for one quick glimpse, where it can be seen that some minor edits have been made - the green belt replaced with brown ribbon, and some trim added to the collar. 

Costume Credit
Shrewsbury Lasses
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